'Sustainable Rural Economic Development Project'

One in three children in Myanmar experience stunted growth due to malnutrition. The story behind these statistics is the great difficulty families have in providing adequate nutrition or earning an income that can support their growth, health and education.

The Sustainable Rural Economic Development (SURE) Project works in 12 villages in Chin State running from 2016 – 2022, to ensure families have the skills and resources they need to produce more nutritious and profitable crops, while at the same time taking better care of their environment.

The SURE project aims to sustainably grow and supply markets with goods produced in Matupi Township in order to reduce local poverty by; 

– Sustainable and profitable markets of locally produced goods

– Enhanced food security and nutrition from agriculture

– Improved agricultural and horticultural practices and processing techniques adopted

– Soil, water and forestry resources improved and being sustainably managed

– Increased incomes along the agriculture supply chain

– Improved technical knowledge and skills

– Improved access to, and utilisation of fertile land and production tools

– Local knowledge and leadership of resource management issues strengthened.



Direct Beneficiaries

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Million USD Budget


Months Duration


partners & donors

This project is a part of the New Zealand Government’s match scheme in which ADRA New Zealand contributes 25% for projects in South East Asia. You can donate directly to this project through the ADRA New Zealand website.

Project Cost: USD $3,052,564