Daw Hung San’s Story: Flood Victim Yields Patheinnygo Crops

In Voklak village in Myanmar’s northwestern Chin State, Daw Hung San and her family were victims of the 2015 Myanmar Flood Crisis that caused widespread flooding and landslides inundating fields and damaging homes.

In response, ADRA Myanmar teamed up with ADRA Czech Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic to deliver the CEP ‘Emergency Livelihood Recovery Support for Disaster Affected Areas in Chin State’ project. The CEP project aims to support victims from landslide prone areas in order to recover their livelihoods and provide livelihood support and cash for work for village recovery.

Daw Hung San received 80,000 MMK from ADRA Myanmar’s agriculture support program, which she used to buy Patheinnygo seeds. Dan Hung San sewed the seeds in the first week of June 2016 with crops growing soon after. Every two weeks, Daw Hung San is able to sell portions of her crop up until October 2016 which covers all her living expenses and enables her to save a small portion of her income.

“I am so proud of their satisfactory impact and their developing by our hands”. – Thawng No (CEP Community Mobiliser)

*Reported By: Thawng Lian Thang, CEP Community Mobiliser

Written By: Emma McCrow, Communications Officer

Photo: © 2016 ADRA Myanmar Thawng Lian Thang