education is everything

1 in 5 children worldwide are not in school. 

Children with disabilities, children in crisis, and girls, face the most hurdles to gaining an education and suffer the sharpest consequences when they miss out. Education for all can help safeguard against violence, abuse, and exploitation, and even reduce vulnerability to natural disasters. Child or adult, a person with an education has an opportunity to a  future that would not be possible without an education. A woman with an education has higher earning potential and healthier children, and the more education that a person gains, the more opportunities become available.

ADRA Myanmar focuses education programming on access, equity and inclusion, quality and innovation, within a lifelong learning approach to bring education to children in remote areas of Myanmar were decades of conflict and underinvestment in education have inhibited opportunities. Education is an important instrument to fight poverty, create jobs, improve health and nutrition and promote gender equality and peace.

Did you Know?

Life changing education happens in and outside of the classroom. Here are some of the ways that we’re helping to remove the obstacles to learning:

 – Improving teaching and learning environments through formal education

 – Supplying teaching and learning materials to schools, teachers and students

 – Providing support to school management committees and parent teacher associations

 – Supporting advocacy and policy development

 – Constructing and renovating schools and improving WASH facilities

 – Supporting education in emergencies by working with ethnic education organisations to extend educational services to conflict affected communities

 – Training TEES (Teachers Extending Education Services) teachers to establish schools in remote communities and reaching more than 214,000 out of school children

 – Providing cash assistance for youth in IDP camps for education

 – Reaching out of school children (OoSC) and school dropouts through non-formal education programs and technical vocational education and training (TVET)

 – Working in partnership with the Ministry of Education Department for TVET offering youth training in certified market driven short courses and linking youth with internships through employer engagement initiatives to enhance skills for jobs


598,992 lives

In 2021, our Education sector impacted 598,992 beneficiaries and supported 4 projects in Myanmar.










The MoFA Project funded by MoFA and ADRA Japan, improved learning environments in response to the increasing number of students resettled from conflict in Paingkyon, Kayin State. The MoFA project built 4 community schools with WASH facilities, provided education support materials and furniture, enhanced the capacity of school management committee, provided sanitation/ hygiene/ nutrition education classes, education enlightenment activities and SMC meetings to enhance villagers’ capacity of problem solving in educational issues. The MoFA project reached 1,301 beneficiaries with a total USD budget of $900,000 over 36 months.



The VTSL project funded by LIFT and ADRA Switzerland, assisted disadvantaged youth who were unable to continue their education or had no access, offered a selection of training courses in sewing or mechanical repairs for income generation and increased the availability of skilled individuals to improve the local areas economic status. The VTSL project ran for 12 months reaching 189 beneficiaries with a total USD budget of $157,283 in Kayin State.



The FBE project funded by Norad and ADRA Norway provided support to Christian faith based education providers in an effort to remove education policy discrimination through facilitating 3 month workshops dealing in education policy reform proposals, implementing/supporting meetings with educators and the CESR and facilitating support to key leaders to meet with the ETWG (Education Thematic Working Group) to broaden knowledge of the education sector. The FBE project ran for 21 months reaching 47,000 beneficiaries nationwide with a total USD budget of $84,801



​The KCB project funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and ADRA Czech Republic ran for 36 months and provided Youth and CSO networking and coordination opportunities through organised sports/social and professional activities, constructing a community cafe (Veranda Cafe), and providing small grants to CSOs in an effort to bring Karen youth together, decrease use of drugs and alcohol and provide professional experience and training opportunities for career advancement. The KCB project reached 68,192 beneficiaries with a total USD budget of $62,376.