HR Competency Framework Training by ADRA International

Korey Dowling, Vice President of People & Culture from ADRA International, visited ADRA Myanmar to conduct ‘HR Competency Framework Training’ for select staff over 3 days (May 14-16 2018) in Summit Parkview Hotel.

The training focused on improving HR practices within ADRA, key competencies for leadership positions such as Country Director or Project Manager, key characteristics staff should exhibit within different roles and issues faced by HR departments in hiring staff etc.

Training involved primarily small group discussion with teams sending a person up the front to share their findings to the group as a whole. Fun activities such as the ‘Egg Drop’ tested staff’s ability to work together in order to stop a raw egg from breaking when dropped from a certain height using various materials for protection.

At the conclusion of the training, staff were awarded a certificate by Korey for capacity building.

We would like to thank Korey for taking time to visit us here in Myanmar and for providing valuable training to our staff which will enable us to improve our HR policies, procedures and outlook.

Written By: Emma McCrow, Communications Officer

Photo: © 2018 ADRA Myanmar | Emma McCrow