Pig Farming – Not Just a Messy Business

Often associated with the colour pink, snorting, sticky mud, the smell of rotting garbage, flat noses and curly tails, pigs are not exactly everyone’s idea of an ideal pet, but for 29 year old U Phong Kaw in the village of Nabung in Mindat, Myanmar, pigs as livestock are an essential way of life.

Before ADRA Myanmar’s PRICE project, U Phong Kaw didn’t have the finances or the skills necessary to raise pigs in order to generate income for his family. Fast track into the present and you will find that as a result of the PRICE project, U Phong Kaw and many other villagers like him have been equipped with the necessary training and skills required to raise pigs as well as being provided with an initial temporary loan to get the ball rolling until future savings can be appropriately managed and budgeted. Upon reflection U Phong Kaw stated that he was able to “purchase 3 pigs, one for giving birth and two for selling to generate income and allow the returning of any future loans with interest on time and without difficulty”.