The PRICE of Being a Widow

As a widow living within a patriarchal society, life can be difficult for 37 year old Daw Tin Khin from the village Let Wea Kone within the district of Gangaw. For a woman in Myanmar, the prospect of generating income and acquiring land is a real issue. Not being able to work for herself, Daw Tin Khin was forced to work as a casual labourer on neighbouring farms being paid a considerably lower wage than her male counterparts.

When the PRICE (Poverty Reduction Initiative through Community Empowerment) project was implemented in Daw Tin Khin’s village, she was able to borrow a small loan enabling her to purchase a weaving machine to weave traditional clothing for sale and a small pig for pig farming. As a result, Daw Tin Khin now has enough income to provide for her families daily expenses stating, “I feel really happy with the project because I don’t need to work as a casual labourer anymore, I am confident that since I have a weaving machine, I will be able to make money and be able to feed my family”. It’s important for a mother to know that her children will be well provided for, and with this new found independence Daw Tin Khin’s family will never go hungry again.

*Reported By: PRICE Project Team

Written By: Emma McCrow, Communications Officer

Photo: © 2015 ADRA Australia | Brayden Howie